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At The Little Barber Shop we know that when you look good, you feel good. This is why our talented team is so committed to giving you the best style and service possible. Our little barbershop delivers a big barbering experience for the modern gentleman.

Our team is not only highly skilled in creating top-notch styles, but they're friendly and welcoming too.

Looking for a Surry Hills Barber Shop?

If you're looking in Sydney and are for a hair or beard makeover - or are just after a quick touch up - we can get you sorted. If you're looking for a Surry Hills barbershop, you'll be pleased to know our barber shop is located less than 2km from Crown St, Surry Hills.

Our Services

Men's Hair Cut

Whether you're after a buzz cut, clipper cut, a skin fade, or another type of haircut, our styling experts can sort you out. If you're not sure about what style will suit you best, our talented team, who are well versed in men's grooming and cutting, can recommend a personalised style to suit your look.

Clippers back & sides with scissors

Clippers back & sides with scissors is a style that involves alternating both clippers and scissors to achieve the perfect haircut. Our stylist can suggest if this style will work for you.

Clippers Only (Buzz Cut)

After a traditional cut with just clippers? This style is quick compared to other haircuts and our stylist will have you cleaned up in no time.

Zero fade

Fade haircuts originally become popular in the '80's, and have recently picked up traction again as a fashion cut. A zero fade is a commonly requested style that sees long hair on the top of the head, with sides that are gradually shaved down much shorter.

Skin fade

A skin fade is a stylish option that's similar to a zero fade but goes one step further. They involve acute precision and when done correctly they should fade from longer hair on the top of the head, down to a clean shave at the nape of the neck and by the ears.

Beard trim

When it comes to beard trims, we offer a large variety of options. You can have a quick trim to refresh your look, or we can help you completely restyle your beard. Once the trimmings done with, we always finish off with quality products.

How to find our barbershop from Surry Hills?


Our barbering services are located in close proximity to Surry Hills, NSW, 2010. Below is a guide on how long it takes to get from Surry hills to The Little Barber Shop via car, bus or train.

It takes around 8 mins to drive by car to our barber from Surry Hills (via Crown Street)

Parking is available on Cathedral Street and Crown Street and surrounding streets (both free and paid). The Woolworths Metro (75 Crown Street, Woolloomooloo) also has a car park that provides parking for those purchasing items at Woolworths.

It takes around 22 mins to get to our barber by bus from Surry Hills (via 304 route)

It takes around 26 mins to get to our barber by train from Surry Hills (via Central-Museum route)

It takes around 26 mins to walk to our barber from Surry Hills (1.9kms)

Meet our team who proudly service a number of loyal Surry Hills customers


Our barbers are armed with serious barbering knowledge, as well as the skills to communicate effectively with their customers to understand exactly what they're after.


The high volume of returning, loyal customers and clients of Brendan's speak for themselves. Brendan has an eye for detail and the creativity to nail any beard or hairstyle that a customer is after.


Ben has years of experience in the hair and beard styling industry and is always up to date with fresh trends. He's a skilled professional who is one of Sydney's best barbers.




10am - 6pm


10am - 6pm


10am - 8pm


10am - 6pm


8:30am - 4:00pm



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